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When the natural gas extraction company Gazprom builds yet more boring towers in Siberia in the future, the associated halls will be heated by plant from Menden, which is located in the Sauerland region of North Rhine-Westphalia. Our company, IWE GmbH Industriewärmetechnik und Elektrotechnik, has won the order.

The mobile heating systems that IWE has converted especially for this order will in future stand in the tundra alongside the tall boring towers, and heat the workshops.

“Our heating systems are built into slightly modified shipping containers”, explains André Klüver. They deliver 500 kilowatts of heat (a detached house uses around 35 kilowatts), will be driven by electricity and oil, and can be transported to another location at any time. “This is important, because drilling sites are frequently changed”, says Frank Kreutz.

On site, the installations take in outside air at minus 45 degrees Celsius, heat it up to plus ten degrees Celsius, and blow it into the workshops. “And for the workers in the boring towers, ten degrees is really warm”, says Klüver. Sixteen containerized units are being shipped to Russia. Inside them, the German words for “heating” and “burner operation” are translated into Cyrillics.