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Type MTP:

A directly heated warm-air system as a cost-effective alternative heating method.

The MTP is a fixed warm-air heater that's suitable for the heating of halls and production facilities. It can be installed standing, lying down or hanging, and is operated on oil or gas.




  • Air is heated immediately (rather than indirectly, e.g. via water)

  • 90% of the energy used is converted directly into warmth

  • Operating costs are around 30% lower than with other warm-air systems

  • Supply lines don't freeze up

  • They are set up right in the room to be heated

  • Installation doesn't involve major structural alterations

  • Simple, carefree assembly is guaranteed

  • Robust technology and high-quality materials ensure good reliability

  • Energy consumption is low


The basic equipment consists of:

  • a sectional steel housing with double-walled panels has mineral-wool insulation in between, painted blue

  • a combustion chamber leading to a tubular heat exchanger

  • a radial fan with standard drive, standard motor, exchangeable V-belt pulley and high-performance V-belts

  • a switch cabinet with power section for the fan and the standard control system

  • a safety temperature limiter

  • a temperature monitor and fan temperature follow-up controller as a combined, type-tested unit




MTP functional diagram


Combustion chamber

Heat exchanger



Air diffuser or optional duct connection



Type TGA+

Modulating burner with gas-air premixing as a function of heat output. With the GA +, a built-in microprocessor ensures that under the modulating burner control the gas quantity supplied is regulated to match the demand.
By this means, the blow-out temperature varies A gas-condensing boiler air heater adjusts itself automatically to the appropriate calorific value. Orders must state whether H or L gas or liquefied petroleum gas is to be used.

So burner adjustment is no longer required.

The GA + modulating air heater is constructed in such a way that it can be used by a simple bus technology (“Open Therm”) as a means of communication between the gas-condensing boiler air heater and the room thermostat. Fitted as standard with a microprocessor designed for an Open Therm connection.


Possible versions:

Type: GA+ Modulating 10 KW – 100 KW ( up to 150 kW from 2006 )
  With axial fan for recirculated-air or outside-air operation
  Free blow-off, without duct connection
Type: GR+ Modulating 10 kW - 100 kW (up to 200 kW from 2006)
  With radial fan for outside-air operation
  Duct system with 400 Pa external pressure





Directly fuelled with atmospheric stainless-steel burner and stainless-steel heat exchanger for natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (efficiency >92%). The combined intake-air/exhaust-gas system preheats the combustion air to approx. 30K, thereby enabling faultless combustion in terms of energy. With a gas-pressure regulator (maximum admission pressure 50mbar and safety fittings, directly ignited main burner and monitoring by flame ionization detector. CE approved, registered with type approval test certificate No. 0063 AQ4920 for natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, gas category I 2 ELL, II 2 ELL 3 B/P.


Type: GAE With axial fan and protective grille on motor for recirculated-air operation.
Type: GRE With radial compressor and protective grille on motor for recirculated-air operation. With duct System up to an external pressure of 300 Pa.